Are you discouraged by the sex discrimination, racial unrest, and isolation of the times? Author "Dr. Gail" Hamilton gives you the keys to fight with faith and win!

This extraordinary book provides the keys to positive and prosperous living!


Wisdom from Queens

Discover the journeys of ordinary women who have accomplished extraordinary things.

About the Author

“As we watch the events of COVID 19 and racial unrest unfold, it likes Deja’ Vu all over again. I am honored to be the oldest queen in the book and translate the lessons gained into nuggets of wisdom for everyday use. While the year and decade are different, the experiences and wisdom that helped me survive remain the same.”

The journey to change is often full of unexpected challenges and difficult choices, but you are not alone in your pursuit. Volume three of the Wisdom from Queens series shares the life-changing journeys of five ordinary women who have accomplished extraordinary things.

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