About Dr. Gail Hamilton

“As we watch the events of COVID 19 and racial unrest unfold, it likes Deja’ Vu all over again. I am honored to be the oldest queen in the book and translate the lessons gained into nuggets of wisdom for everyday use. While the year and decade are different, the experiences and wisdom that helped me survive remain the same.”

Dr. Gail Hamilton holding her book, Wisdom from Queens

Dr. Gail Hamilton, PhD, MA, grew up in rural segregated south Louisiana and lived through segregation, desegregation, & integration; paper bag test; gender/racial discrimination; social unrest; from colored to Negro to Black to African American. Came through all of this to become an award-winning consultant having provided oversight and management services to over 50 public and private agencies and educational institutions of higher learning with budgets totaling over one billion dollars. 

Gail currently holds a bachelor’s , master’s, doctorate, and certifications from institutions such as University of Chicago, University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and John Hopkins in human and behavioral health services. She worked for a United States Senator and military service, retiring as an 06 CAPT, which includes being only one of a small group of officers that have served in both the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Since retiring, Dr. Gail uses 45 plus years of private and public sector experience in her business, BEE Connected, which provides business, education, and enterprise solutions to individuals and businesses. This includes financial education on how to protect assets and structure generational wealth through private family trust, private business trust, and private foundations. Dr. Gail also provides mentoring services to individuals seeking to balance the challenges of family and professional life.

Now at age 65, the newest project is co-author of the book, Wisdom from Queens Vol 3, just released Aug 15. In the book, five women share various life experiences (domestic/sexual trauma; sex/race/employment discrimination) and lessons learned for others to maneuver today’s life challenges! (Ordinary Women Sharing Extraordinary Wisdom for all Ages)

She is the mother of 2 children and currently resides in Jacksonville, FL where she is spoiling her grandson and granddaughter.

Dr. Gail Hamilton Dressed in her Military Uniform